The Third Eye chakra (Ajna chakra)

The third eye chakra is the point of meeting of the three main nadis - ida, pingla and sushumna. Here these three nadis merge into one stream of consciousness and flow upto sahasrara or the crown chakra.

When the mind is concentrated on this conjunction of these three nadis, a transformation of the individual consciousness takes place and ego is removed. As long as one has ego, he is aware of dualities and he cannot enter the samadhi because as long as you remember yourself, you cannot get out of yourself.

There is certain problem with the awakening of the other chakras as their awakening leads to many experiences which you cannot understand and which may be both good and bad, positive and negative.

Only those who are equipped with the reason and understanding can cope up with the awakening of these chakras, therefore it is best to have a purified mind before you start awakening and manifesting the great forces.

And mind becomes purified and evolved only when third eye chakra is awakened.

The word ajna comes from the Sanskrit root which means 'to know, to obey and to follow'. Literally ajna means 'command' or 'the monitoring center'.

It is also called as 'the eye of intuition' and it is the gateway to astral and the psychic dimension of the consciousness, and there it is also known as "the third eye".

Among Indians, it is also known as the divya chakshu (the divine eye) or the eye of knowledge because it is the channel through which a spiritual aspirant receives revelations and insight of the higher world of consciousness.

However in most of us, this "inner eye" remains closed the though we see and observe the events of the outer world, we cannot have the knowledge and understanding of the truth and the deeper layers of human existence.

The Location Point:
The third eye chakra is located in the brain, directly behind the eyebrow center at the top of spinal chord i.e at the medulla oblongata.

It is very hard to feel the exact location point of ajna chakra, therefore it is suggested that you should concentrate at the mid-eyebrow center as these two centers are are directly connected.

Here I should also tell you that the pineal gland is the physical concomitant of the third eye chakra and the pituitary gland of the crown chakra. Just as these two glands are intimately connected in physical body, so are the third eye and crown chakra in the subtle body.

Ajna chakra is symbolized by a two petalled lotus. On the left petal is the letter ham which represents the moon or the ida nadi and on the right petal is the letter ksham which represents sun or the pingla nadi.

The Third Eye Chakra

Within the lotus is a perfectly round circle that symbolizes the shoonya or the void i.e the state completely devoid of ego. In this circle the symbol Om is written. 'Om' is the mantra and the symbol of ajna chakra.

The ajna chakra is directly related to mind. When this chakra awakens, the mind is able to gain information by subtle means, rather than by the experiences felt by the sense organs. The mind percieves knowledge directly via a sixth or intuitive sense, which comes into operation as ajna chakra awakens.

According to scriptures, if you awaken the third eye, you can enter the another's body at your will and you will become all-knowing and all-seeing. You will realize the unity with the supreme power (Brahaman) and will acquire many siddhis (psychic powers).

Different results acquired by meditating on various centres are collectively realized by mediating on this centre alone.

Ajna is essentially the chakra of mind. Whenever you concentrates on any external object or on root chakra(muladhara), sacral chakra(Swadhisthana), solar plexus chakra (manipura) etc., ajna is affected, sometimes mildly. sometimes powerfully, depending on your degree of concentration.

When you develop ajna, you can gain knowledge without the aid of senses. Generally, all knowledge that we have gained is through the information that senses conducts to the brain, and a process of logic and intellect takes place in frontal brain.

However, the smaller brain where the ajna chakra is located, has the power to gain knowledge directly without the help of sense organs.

If it is a cloudy day, then you know that it is going to rain through your logic. But if there are no clouds and even then, you know that it is going to rain through your intuition, then the ajna chakra is functioning.

To awaken third eye chakra requires sadhana, discipline, firm belief and persistent effort. With our present state of mind, it is impossible to know that how to reach sahasrara or the crown chakra which is the ultimate aim of a spiritual aspirant. But once ajna chakra starts operating, you will develop superior perception and the pathway to reach sahasrara will become clear to you.


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