The Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura Chakra)

The Solar Plexus chakra or Manipura is a very important centre in the process of kundalini awakening. It is the centre of Dynamism, energy, willpower and accomplishments.

It is often compared with the power of Sun because as Sun continually radiates energy to the planets and is responsible for life on earth, in the same way the Solar plexus chakra radiates and distribute prana or the life force to whole human framework and is responsible for various activities of organs and other processes of life.

Manipura is derived from two words Mani meaning 'jewel' and pura meaning 'city'. Therefore literally Manipura means 'city of jewels'.

Now since this chakra is the source of the 'vital force' in the body, if this chakra does not function properly, then you will feel lifeless and devoid of energy.You will be hindered by poor health, lack of motivation and commitment, and depression in life.

Therefore awakening of Solar plexus is necessary for all those who wants to enjoy life more fully.

The Location Point:
The Solar Plexus chakra is situated in the spinal chord directly behind the navel. Physiologically, this chakra is related to digestive system and regulates heat in the body.

The Manipura chakra is symbolized by a ten petalled lotus. On each petal one of the ten letters: pham, dam, dham, nam, tam, tham, dam, dham, nam, pam is inscribed.

Solar plexus chakra

In the centre of the lotus is the region of fire, symbolized by the triangle. And within the triangle Ram is written, which is the beeja mantra of the manipura chakra.

By meditating on solar plexus chakra, you will gain knowledge of the entire physical system, your body will become disease-free. And once your kundalini reaches Manipura, your consciousness will not fall back into the lower chakras.

According to Buddhist tradition and also according to many tantric texts, the real awakening of kundalini starts from Solar Plexus Chakra as they consider Sacral and root chakra as the higher realms of the animal life whereas the higher man consciousness predominates from manipura onwards.

This is also because of the reason that manipura onwards, there is no danger of downfall of consciousness. Up to this point kundalini may rise and fall several times, but awakening of manipura confirms the real awakening.

It is said that in sincere aspirants, kundalini is mostly in Solar plexus chakra. If you are exposed to spiritual life, practise yoga and have a strong desire to find a guru, side by side with the work you are doing, it means kundalini is not in muladhara, it is in Manipura or one of the higher centres.

As i have already told you on this site, that there are five parts of prana i.e. The life force, the first two of the Five Pranas are 'prana' and 'apana'.

The prana moves up and down in the region between navel and throat while apana flows up and down between perinium and navel. This movement of prana can be experienced by you also through relaxed breath awareness in the psychic passage between throat and navel.

With the inspiration. prana moves up from navel to throat and with exhalation, it moves down from throat to navel.

Generally, 'prana'and 'apana' functions seperately but When the manipura chakra awakens, these prana and apana gets united in the manipura chakra.

Awakening of kundalini in the Solar plexus takes place like a blast, as the prana and the redirected apana meet in the navel region. It is the like the collision of two great forces in the Solar plexus region.

The evolution of human consciousness takes place through seven planes in the form of seven chakras.

When kundalini is in Root or Sacral chakra, these higher planes of consciousness cannot be seen by the aspirant, but when aspirant reaches the Manipura chakra, he becomes able to experience these planes.

He is able to visualize the infinite state of consciousness and its spiritual perspective.

In the face of this vision, all his views and opinions completely changes. The personal prejudices, complexes are gone away and an endless beauty and perfection of the higher worlds dawn within his consciousness.

As long as the evolution is in the planes of Sacral and Root Chakra, you will have mentaland emotional problems and you will see the world correspondingly but when you will reach manipura, you will start seeing the world with noble ideas and greater perspective.

That is why, psychic powers gained by Muladhara and Sacral chakra are dominated by dark aspect of the lower mind but powers gained through Solar plexus chakra are really benevolent and compassionate.

The different powers gained by awakening Solar Plexus Chakra are the ability to create and destroy, self-defence, the knowlwdge of hidden treasures, fearlessness from fire, freedom from diseases and the power to withdraw energy to sahasrara.


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