The Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana Chakra)

The Sacral chakra is situated very near to The Root Chakra i.e Muladhara. It is the second chakra in the series of seven psychic centres and it is also responsible for the awakening of kundalini power in the Root Chakra.

The Sanskrit word for Sacral Chakra is Swadhisthana which is further divisible into Swa meaning "one's own" and Adhisthana meaning "the place of residence", and this what this chakra actually is. It is the place where all human mental impressions or Samkaras are stored.

The Location Point:
Sacral chakra is situated at the base of spinal chord, at the level of coccyx or tailbone. It is very close to muladhara chakra.

Svadhisthana chakra is associated with the reproductive and urinary systems in the physical body.

Svadhisthana chkara is symbolized by a six petaled orange colored lotus. On each petal there is letter: bam, bham, mam, yam, ram and lam.

Within the pericarp of the lotus, a white crescent moon is there which is the symbol of water. Water is the element of the svadhisthana chakra.Vam, which is written inside the lotus is the mantra of the Sacral chakra.

The Sacral or Swashisthana chakra

It is said that if you meditate on this chakra, you will get rid of your internal enemies i.e lust, anger, greed etc.

Svadhisthana is considered to be storehouse of all mental impressions and its counterpart in the brain is unconscious mind.

It is believed that all karmas, the past lives, the previous experiences and the greater dimensions of the human personality that is unconscious is symbolized by this Svadhisthana Chakra.

According to science, each and every experience, perception and association is recorded. If you have a fight or quarrel with somebody, that leaves a strong impression but if happen to pass someone on the path, look at him and walk on, this is also registered.

Such observation are not analyzed but simply filed away in some layer of mind. All these unnoticed karmas and experiences which are stored automatically by our consciousness, forms the total unconscious.

Generally in kundalini awakening process, Sacral chakra is regarded as a hindrance in the sense that these karmas lying embedded in the unconscious do not allow kundalini to pass through and after the initial awakening, kundalini goes to dormancy again and again.

When svadhisthana awakens, it presents many difficulties for the aspirant as whole of his unconscious material explodes in front of him. These karmas are beyond the range of analysis and they have practically no form but they constitute a great force.

It is just like the situation that if you put several objects in a water tank and then open that tank after five years, you will not find anything same as you put in the tank though all the objects are present there but in a new form.

Therefore due to this reason many spiritual aspirant avoid to enter this stage of kundalini awakening process, but it is absolutely necessary for his spiritual evolution.

During this stage, you must have a spiritual guide or guru who knows how to avoid all the pitfalls of this area of awakening.

When kundalini is residing in Sacral chakra, all the negative and positive impressions of your unconscious mind express themselves. During this stage, you may be angry, afraid or full of sexual fantasies or you may also experience lethargy, dullness and depression.

The tendency to procrastinate is very strong and you just want to sleep and sleep.

If you are fearless and strong will-powered, only then you can survive through the temptation of this stage of awakening. Every great person and saint has had to undergo this peculiar experience.

If one fluctuates from his path of sadhana even slightly, kundalini will return to muladhara i.e Root chakra and the real awakening will become very difficult.

Therefore in the initial stages of sadhana, one should have superior quality of detachment (Vairagya). It should not be mere renunciation of the sensual pleasures because if even after leaving all sensual pleasures, their taste remains in mind then this detachment is of no use.

If aspirant understands the truth that desires can never be satisfied in one lifetime, not even in thousands of lifetimes, the kundalini can pass through sacral chakra relatively fast and will reach solar plexus chakra safely.

Sexual desires and fantasies can manifest in the aspirant at any stage of evolution but they are expressed very acutely and clearly when the kundalini is in Sacral Chakra.

Here one thing I should tell you, that sexual awareness never really dies, even when the aspirant is at the highest level of consciousness because sex is also a form of the primal energy that is present all around us and universal in nature.

However, when the kundalini is in svadhisthana, this sexual awareness is in very disturbed state whereas in higher stages of evolution it is in seed form.

After all what is the devotion or 'bhakti'?? They are sublimated pure form of sexual energy.

According to the tantric texts, there are many psychic powers gained through the awakening of Sacral Chakra which includes: Fearlessness from water, gaining of intuitive knowledge, knowledge of astral entities and the ability to taste anything.

The net sum up is that awakening of kundalini power is not a difficult task, but getting through Sacral Chakra is. Therefore you must purify background of your psycho-emotional life before entering into this phase of your spiritual evolution.


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