Kundalini Dangers

What are kundalini dangers? Ah yes, this is the question that I often come across when people visit this website and ask me about kundalini awakening.

Kundalini yoga is certainly a powerful science and if it is not approached with proper preparation and adequate knowledge, it can put up some challenges in front of the practitioners which are generally considered as kundalini dangers.

But it does not mean that you should start avoiding this path which leads to you to the highest knowledge and self realization.

These challenges or difficulties are basically meant to warn you that you need more preparation and ground work in order to ascend on the path of kundalini yoga.

Tell us about kundalini dangers?? It is a difficult question to answer. It is like you are asking that whether a knife is dangerous?? The answer depends upon the aspirant and how he or she uses this tool.

The path of kundalini yoga will be difficult and dangerous for you if you do not have the right attitude, right preparation and patience.


Kundalini dangers or kundalini yoga dangers


Generally, I have seen that people start asking about the higher practices of meditation and kundalini kriyas, even when they have not practiced the most basic ones.

Kundalini yoga is a bit different from other forms of yoga in the sense that it is a esoteric form of yoga and to understand this, you need a living guru or anyone who has already experienced the technicalities of this path.

Even before a living guru, you need proper patience and discipline for following this path. This is very important. You have to be patient and slow moving.

As you will become more and more eligible for higher practices, you will automatically feel that and infact you will get into those practices automatically.

This is the beauty of kundalini yoga, that you need not to worry about all the nuts and bolts of this science. It is not like the basic sciences where you need to remember every law by heart.

You just start with the basic practices, and as your body and soul will be ready for next level, you will feel it and then you can come to a guru or mentor.

On the other hand, out of curosity if you start doing the higher practices, then definitely, you are putting yourself in a GREAT trouble. Yes!! great trouble.

The problem will arise when you will start doing the kundalini yoga:

  • With wrong attitude and motive i.e if you want the occult powers which you will use for your personal benefits, then BEWARE..!! you are only going to harm yourself. You must purify your attitude first with the help of Karma Yoga.

  • Without proper psychological and physical preparation. Yes, you need a sound mental and physical health and for this purpose, first you must practice the basic forms of hatha yoga and then proceed to deep kundalini yoga.

  • Without the proper direction and guidance. In the higher levels of practices, you must find a guru or mentor who is sane and has mastered the various problems that manifests while doing kundalini yoga.

The fact is that the kundalini dangers arise not so much from the techniques but from trying to accomplish something in weeks or months that normally takes years (if not decades). However, the most vital factor in the practice of kundalini yoga is that of timing.

Kundalini yoga deals with the deeper realms of the unconscious mind and the subconscious mind, and most people's subconscious mind has little or no discipline at all. And they have absolutely no self-discipline of their unconscious mind. Thus, the practice of yama-niyama (Personal and Social discipline) is must for the successful and harmonious practice of kundalini yoga.

Now this is not just an intellectual understanding. It is an ethical practice. This practice must be exercised not for a few days or a few weeks, but for years, during which both the subconscious and unconscious have balanced out most of the negative energies such as hatred, which irritates the subconscious mind.

If you balances out the negative emotions in your subconscious and unconscious, difficulties i.e kundalini dangers will not manifest.

However, I have never met any person who did not have emotional problems. Some have greater problems and they manifest more often; others have lesser problems and they manifest less often. But all have complexes in the subconscious or unconscious area of the mind.

It is for this reason that you need a guru which will take care of these negative emotions.

Generally during the course of kundalini awakening, you will experience sudden energy outbursts and if at that moment negative emotions take up your mind, you can be very very dangerous. You may even kill a person. In such situations you guru will take care of you and will send you in solitude so that your negative feelings dont get over your mind.

Again, kundalini yoga will be dangerous if you practice it for the wrong reason like gaining some occult powers. You must understand the fact that these 'siddhis' or powers are actually considered as the hinderances in the path to higher evolution and self realization.

In the middle ages, the 'tantra' had a very bad reputation in India because of this reason that people started using this divine science for gaining occult powers. These powers ultimately hit back on the practitioner if he starts using them for wrong purposes and finally, they will be gone and all the efforts of practitioner will be wasted. This is what is the real kundalini danger is.

Compared to real spiritual power, Kundalini powers are like a toy. These occult powers do nothing to accelerate the spiritual progress of a seeker.

Real spiritual progress comes from praying and meditating on God. Great aspirants and spiritual masters often find that Kundalini powers come to them if they attain a certain level of spiritual realisation.

"There is a very famous story about Sri Ramakrishna and his disciple Swami Vivekananda in India. Swami Ramakrishna offered to Swami Vivekananda all his occult powers. Vivekananda asked whether these would help him to realise God. Ramakrishna replied they wouldn’t but he could use these occult powers to do good in the world. Vivekananda replied that if these powers did not help his spiritual realisation he did not want them. Swami Ramakrishna was so proud of his disciple for not being interested in the temptation of occult powers. Vivekananda went on to become a great Spiritual teacher, becoming one of the first Indian Guru’s to travel to the west."

So instead of getting attracted towards these powers, you must direct your effort for the higher goal, for the self realization and then you will enjoy supreme and eternal bliss and no danger will be there.

Actually in my opinion, there is nothing like kundalini dangers. We are making some mistakes and we are calling the outcome of those mistakes as kundalini danger. Actually we need to correct ourself.

Regarding the type of symptoms that you will feel during kundalini awakening and then what measures you must take to stabilize yourself, you should visit Kundalini Symptoms.


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