Kundalini Benefits

Why should you go for kundalini awakening?? What are kundalini benefits and why should you enter in the world of spiritual life even when you are so happy in your day today sensual life??

I will answer these questions here on this page.....

Benefits of Kundalini awakening are on both levels, physical and subtle but the benefits at the subtle level are more important than at physical level.

When Kundalini power awakens, it rises from muladhara chakra and meets sahasrara. It is like the unification of two poles but this unification takes place in subtle body, the physical body continues to exist as an object of observation to others.

As I told you earlier on this site that diseases of the physical body and mind are caused by the irregularities in the functioning of the prana, which can be gradually eliminated once the Kundalini is awakened.


Kundalini benefits


When your Kundalini awakens, your body (both subtle and physical) and mind will purify. Your health will improve and you will feel light and energetic. Your mind becomes restful.

For a spirituality seeker, Self-realization is the ultimate and the most desirable state to be attained, and the awakened Kundalini leads to this state.

However, even when the Kundalini is aroused and spiritual evolution is substantially hastened, there is no guarantee that Self-realization will be attained because for that complete surrender to God is required.

And when I say "complete surrender"...Don't take it lightly...!!! It is very difficult. I will discuss on "Surrender to God" later in this website.

When you will reach advanced levels of awakening, you will feel that kundalini benefits are more intensified and encompass more subtle realms.

You will achieve peace and mental control, will become more creative, will develop a profound understanding of nature and experience inner joy.

You will become a stronger individual, a more complete person who can function in adverse circumstances with great poise, and is able to consciously absorb prana from the universe and direct it for physical and mental well-being.

One thing in which people are generally interested is occult powers. Remember always that these powers are the hindrances in the path of self realization and kundalini awakening. They fatten the ego of the aspirant whch leads to failure in kundalini awakening. Generally what happens is that when an aspirant starts thinking about attaining supernatural powers, he feeds his ego and starts considering himself as "Siddha" or realized person and due to this misconception Kundalini starts falling back to lower chakras and very soon, he loses all his powers.

So, beware of such occult powers. I am not discussing here about such powers in detail because that is not neccesary. Even then, if you want to know more about such powers, you can contact me in person through e-mail.

The most important kundalini benefit is that you will encounter total reality, the absolute truth, knowledge of the self. Nothing will be hidden from you and you will enjoy eternal bliss.


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