Kundalini and enlightenment:
Complements of each other.

Kundalini and enlightenment...Here I am going to tell you that what is actually enlightenment? And how kundalini is related to this process of self-realization?

Kundalini enlightenment meditation

When we sit and think about our existence, we usually get caught up with some questions whose answers we don't know. For example:

What is the purpose of our existence??

What is the meaning of this life??

Why are we here on this earth??

Are we sent here to satisfy our basic needs or is there any special purpose behind this??

Are we completely alone or all of us are connected to each other??

I usually find myself dangling in such type of questions and I think so do you.

Take a look at these words:

"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us universe, apart limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."

-Albert Einstein

Kundalini enlightenment animation

Ancient yogis of India and other enlightened persons had realized that we are not this body. we are soul and this soul is a part of the supreme power which we call as God. And hence we are a part of God.

The sole purpose of our incarnation as human being is to realize this fact but generally we fall into the depths of materialistic world and hence we waste our life running after those things which are not the sole aim of our life.

In some religious practises, "Enlightenment" is identified as "Journey to heaven", some calls it 'Salvation' etc. but they all agree that this is ultimate aim of life.

What we generally percept as heaven is also nothing but the experience after enlightenment. My friend Bob has a different and very unique perception about Kingdom of Heaven and he has explained it in a quite interesting way.

It is the stage when one feels his or her oneness with this universe. When one truly considers himself as a part of single supreme force and leaves all his ego, then we say that the person is enlightened.

After attaining the state of Enlightenment or self realization, you will remain in a state of bliss all the twenty four hours of the day. Your mind will remain at peace irrespective of what happens around you.

Even modern science states that happiness wards off diseases; disease keeps away from a happy person. Happiness has the strength to fight diseases. It puts a "No Entry" board to diseases.

Conversely, a person in a hopeless state of mind, a worried man, invites diseases.

To make life and living purposeful, we must learn the art of self realization.

Enlightenment (or `Self-realization') is a phenomenon which is frequently mentioned in the spiritual texts, but how far does the existence of such a state is in accordance with modern science?

Is it scientifically possible for such a state to exist? Can there be life without the ego?

If so, can a person performs his normal duties in life in such a state?

So far, science has said a solid no to the existence of any such condition. No such state has been described in the text-books of medicine or psychology. Science has been unable to explain a state devoid of the ego, where normal life can continue.

But as I have said earlier on this site, that science is still not that much developed so as to explain everything about human being and its mind.

I will like to quote the "Chapter 16" from book " Kundalini and the chakras" authored by "Genevieve lewis paulson" in order to make you understand the fact that this is a paranormal process and cannot be explained completely on the basis of science:


ENLIGHTENMENT: to be filled with light, to comprehend the light, to know the light, to function from the light; to have the light on all knowledge and to radiate the light.

Kundalini enlightenment

In an enlightened state, all senses are heightened so much that they scarcely seem to be related to our ordinary senses.

For instance, trees, flowers or rocks might appear radiant and velvety; you will see their energy and feel their presence and their awareness of you. You will feel like you share a very deep connection.

- You will be able to see other people's glowing, luminous higher energies, even when the darker human energies are prevalent in their force fields.

-You will be able to change focus, see into other dimensions, converse with the beings who live there.

-You will be able to see energies manifesting and know what they will become. You will also be able to see different frequencies of energy with their varied forms.

-You will have an understanding of the universal laws and how to operate within their framework. You will have insight into the various religions and how they have interpreted the laws. You will feel parareligious and paraphilosophical,aware of all levels of truths.

-You will be filled with constant joy or bliss (although you may also have feelings of sadness or grief in particular situations).

You will have genius level abilities and great artistic and creative abilities.

You will have a deep sense of oneness with other humans, animals and all nature, a deep sense of connectedness with the Creator and the cosmos.

You will have great powers and full understanding of how to use them. Some of the powers or gifts include: walking in the air or on water, levitation, ability to be invisible in a crowd, ability to generate enough body heat to melt a snowfield, command over the environment; healing, speaking in tongues, casting out devils; imperviousness to poisons; wise or inspired speech; heightened senses, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience,awareness of the past, present and future events; and the greatest power of all-love, all consuming, all forgiving, unconditional, LOVE.

As you go through the Kundalini process toward enlightenment, some of these gifts will come and go. The amount of ability you have will depend on the amount of Kundalini flowing and useable at the time.

Do not get caught up in receiving the gifts and powers; they will come when your main attention is focused on the enlightenment (or the Kingdom of Heaven, as it is termed in Christianity).

Focusing on the powers may actually slow you down.

If awakened properly, kundalini leads to self-realization. The ultimate aim of kundalini awakening is the enlightenment or self realisation, to understand the purpose of our existance.

But awakening of kundalini does not always brings enlightenment immediatly. Sometimes you may have to wait for a long time in order to achieve enlightenment.

Also, having that awakened kundalini and self realization does not mean one MAINTAINS that awakened state of consciousness.

Just as you awake in the morning from a long night of sleep and then go back to sleep again in the evening..... in the same way one awakened state of being go back to sleep due to the forces of nature, the levels of impurity in bodymind.

Unless and untill, you are completely cleansed by the kundalini energy, your will enlightened for a period of time and then this feeling will go away.

You will attain permanent self realization only when kundalini energy finishes its work of cleansing your body and your body becomes pure.

Energetically, enlightenment could be described as when the Kundalini energy pierces through all the chakras along spine and meets with the sahasrara or crown chakra.

In our spinal cord, there are three nadis at subtle level, namely ida, pingala and sushumna. These nadis crosses each other at specific points and these points are supposed to be the centres of energy or in other words "chakras".More information on this physiology of nadis can be found by Clicking Here

Kundalini energy flows through these nadis and pierce every chakra.

When only ida and pingala are active and not sushumna, it's like having the positive and negative lines in your electrical cable, but no earth.

When the mind receives the three currents of energy all the lights start working, but if you remove the earth wire, the lights will go down.

Energy flows through ida and pingala all the time, but its effulgence is very low.

When there is current flowing in ida, pingala and sushumna, then enlightenment takes place. This is how you have to understand the awakening of kundalini, awakening of sushumna and the union of the three in ajna chakra.

When a man practises Yogic Kriyas, naturally various kinds of Siddhis are acquired. The Siddhis are hindrances to Self Realisation. The Yogi should not at all care for these Siddhis, if he wants to advance further and get the highest realisation, the final Goal.

He who runs after Siddhis will become the biggest house-holder and a worldly-minded man. Self-realisation only is the Goal.

The total knowledge of this universe is nothing when compared to the spiritual knowledge that is obtained through Self-realisation.

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