Chakra Balancing

As I have said earlier that chakra balancing or awakening is indispensable for the proper flow of kundalini energy.

Chakras are the centers of the higher levels of human consciousness.

Human evolution is a journey through the different chakras!!

As the higher chakras get awakened, the person evolves more and more.

Muladhara is the most basic, fundamental chakra from where we commence our evolution, and sahasrara is where our evolution is completed.

Muladhara is the first centre in human evolution but it is the last chakra that animals have the capacity to awaken.The higher chakras beyond muladhara are not present in animals.

As you read more about chakras, you will come to realize that kundalini actually controls every affair of life.

Upto muladhara, chakra evolution takes place automatically. Animals do not have to practice pranayama aur yoga for their chakra balancing.


Kundalini responsible for evolved personalities


However, once kundalini reaches muladhara chakra, evolution is no longer spontaneous, because a human being is not completely subjected to the laws of nature. For example, animals only mate in particular seasons. At other times, even if they live together they will not mate. But, because man is free from the laws of nature, he can mate whenever he wants.

Man has awareness of time and space, and he has an ego. He can think, he can know that he is thinking. This is because of evolution of ego. But If a dog is chasing another dog, it is under nature's compulsion. It doesn't know it is chasing and the other dog doesn't know that it is running. It runs because instinct compels it to.

Therefore Man has a higher consciousness and he should work for his evolution. Kundalini is sleeping in muladhara chakra and it can not progress further until it is pushed.

Not everybody is at the same stage of evolution. In some persons kundalini has already reached svadhisthana or manipura chakra. So one should first discover his point of evolution and then do proper sadhana for chakra balancing.

Kundalini can remain in one chakra for years!!

Kundalini sometimes get stuck in a chakra. Stagnation in a chakra only occurs when there is an obstruction in sushumna or one of the chakras. Kundalini can remain in one chakra for many years, or even for a whole lifetime.

Sometimes, when kundalini gets blocked in a chakra during transit, you begin to exhibit some of the siddhis or psychic powers associated with that chakra.

If one is manifesting siddhis, he can assume that he has evolved to that chakra which is associated with those siddhis. However, siddhis don't usually manifest when kundalini passes through all the chakras quickly, and if they do, they will not stay long.

Know your point of evolution!!

In order to know your point of evolution, the best method is to concentrate on muladhara daily for 15 to 30 minutes. Then swadhisthana for 15 days manipura for 15 days and so on up to sahasrara. You will soon discover your point ofevolution.

Some people will find concentration on anahata easiest, so that is likely to be their center. Others will find ajna chakra very powerful and attractive to them, whereas other people will find it easiest to relate to muladhara, while the higher chakras seem almost impossible to locate. Ultimately you will be able to decide which is your most sensitive chakra, and you will be ready for the next step - awakening.

Power of the Chakras!!

Power of the chakras tells you about the benefits which chakra awakening will bring in your life and why should one go for awakening his or her chakras in this lifetime??

Practices for aligning your Chakras:

I personally has gone through many books regarding the chakra balancing and awakening, I am giving here the safest and the most effective methods for different chakra awakening which are actually inspired by the teachings of Swami Satyananda Saraswati.

Before going through the practices for chakra balancing, there are certain precautions which you should take and some preparations which you should make in order to go for chakra balancing sadhana. Please must visit Chakra Balancing - Rules and Preparation before going further on the site.

Chakra Balancing Practices:

One should start practicing Chakra Balancing Practices from Third Eye Chakra, then move on to Root Chakra, then Sacral Chakra and so on to Throat Chakra.

The reason for pursuing Third eye chakra practices first is that it is considered to be the "Guru Chakra" and if it is balanced, it helps in balancing of other chakras too!

As such, there is no particular practice for Balancing Crown Chakra because it is the highest point of evolution and if one is able to reach this stage, he automatically gains the knowledge to clear Crown chakra. Therefore, I am here mentioning the important practices for the six chakras:

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Click Here to know about the meditation for awakening of manipura or solar plexus chakra.

Click Here to know about the meditation for awakening of anahata or heart chakra.

Click Here to know about the meditation for awakening of vishuddi or throat chakra.

No matter which path you take for your chakra balancing,REMEMEBER ALWAYS



This page is inspired from the book "KUNDALINI TANTRA" by "Swami Satyananda Saraswati"

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