“Kundalini”- Let’s explore this enormous energy hidden inside YOU…!!

This  is dedicated to “Kundalini power”…enormous energy hidden inside you whose endless potential can help you to achieve whatever you want. But the irony is that still very few people know about it properly and in this modern age, it is still surrounded by a lot of myths and false impressions.

You don’t believe me?? Do you?? If you don’t, please bear with me for few more lines…

Extra Ordinary and Gifted People:

Have you ever pondered over the fact that why some people are more successful and more talented than others? Why it is like that some persons in this world leaves their impressions forever.

Why few people achieve more than others? Why is it like for some people that they can get whatever they want to??

We usually satisfy ourselves with answers like “He is born talented” or “Oh! he is an extraordinary person” or “He is god gifted”.

No!! There is nothing like god gifted. nature had given equal potential to each and every human being. Its just that we don’t know how to use our true potential? To really know the true potential of mind you can also check out manifestation miracle.

Have you ever thought about the persons like Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavir, Swami Vivekananda, Jesus Christ? Were they not Human beings??


Yes..!! They were and all the natural human limitations implied on them too…But We still consider them as Avatars or “Junior Gods”.

Why?? Because they seemed to be extra ordinary to us. They evolved and found their true potential and they used this energy for the service of human race.

I believe that the only motto of them was that every human being should be like them in terms of evolution and understanding the basic purpose of human life.

What is the energy inside the persons like Einstein that made him to discover “Theory of Relativity” or In Leonardo Da Vinci that he made a painting like “Monalisa”??

This energy is known by several different names in different cultures and religious beliefs but in Indian religious belief which is oldest in world, calls it “Kundalini” or “Serpent Power”.

There is no doubt that India is the oldest place where people recognized this energy and developed various techniques to harness it.

When kundalini awakens and rises through the chakras, it has the ability to activate the human consciousness in such a way that the person can develop his most beneficial qualities, can enter a much more intimate relationship with nature about him, and can become aware of his oneness with the whole cosmos.

“Don’t Get Confused and misled”

Internet is filled with lots of irrelevant and confusing information over this topic. After a lot of research and studying the ancient Indian sacred texts,I have come up with a unique and clarified point of view about kundalini power and its relation with chakra system.

You may have seen and studied lot of information that consider it as a myth and doubt upon its existence or says that it is very risky and full of danger.

Great big books have been written on them, and these books also misled me for many years.

‘Sensual Life’ vs. ‘Spiritual Life’: Can they co-exist?

What people generally think is that one can either live spiritual life by taking Sanyasa and going to some ashram in himalayas or he can live the so called Sensual life where he remains caught up in daily relationships and in the worldly affairs.

And We want to live either the spiritual life or the so called sensual life.


May I tell you that both of these lives can be lived together and there is a secret to doing this. The secret is kundalini.

Even through I continue to work hard to make this one of the best kundalini websites around, this site is more than just a collection of articles on Kundalini . I don’t want to just fed you with lots of information.

I want to tell you the real experiences which people have really faced. And how you can use this energy for your upliftment of your consciousness and your evolution.

Kundalini: A myth or a Fact!

Kundalini is not a myth or an illusion. It is not a hypothesis or a hypnotic suggestion. It is a biological substance that exists within the framework of the body.

Its awakening generates electrical impulses throughout the whole body and these impulses can be detected by modern scientific instruments and machines.

The Chakras or the Lotuses are like the gateways to the flow of this eternal energy as centres of vital force. In other words, these are centres of prana (life force) manifested by Pranavayu (Life Air) in the living body.


As you move through the website, you’ll learn about the many different aspects of this ancient science; get practical instruction on some of its very important health practices, and find some great little practical guides that you can download too.

With the awakening of this divine energy, the greater intelligence is aroused from deep inside you and you can give birth to a new range of creativity. Its awakening affects the whole area of the human mind and behavior.

You will gain a clear and solid knowledge about this divine power when you will move through this website which is inspired with the ancient Indian scriptures, which are actually the real origin of this divine science of yoga.

This website is designed to help you find out just what you are looking for …

….to stimulate you,

….to prepare you,

…. and when you are ultimately prepared, to guide you step by step in the world of this divine energy.

Kundalini Yoga Technniques:

Here I am going to share information on “practical and safe kundalini yoga” including proper ways to do pranayama, meditation, asanas, yoga poses and other parts of this sacred yoga as well as the true methods to awaken your chakras and to hold this enormous energy.

You will find here detailed instructions on the gradual preparation of your mind and body for the arousal of kundalini, and advice on elementary precautions to be observed in order to avoid unnecessary risks and obstacles.

We will show you the real meaning of its awakening and how to start for it?

It is not a one day process to awake this pool of energy, it requires a lot of patience and preparation.

No matter which path of yoga you follow to feel this holistic transformation, REMEMBER:


So, grab yourself a cup of your favorite warm beverage, sit back and let me take you to this holistic world of spirituality……